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A Pretty Hustla Gave Him Love

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Mahasolin Mack is a thirty-four year-old native of Columbus, Georgia where she currently resides with her husband; two daughters and one son. She specialized in Women/Urban Fiction and Romance. On top of being the best mother and wife she could be, she's also a Certified Life and Health Insurance Specialist and has a Bachelor in Health Administration. Mahasolin has endured reading since being a little girl, but really started loving it at the age of thirteen. 

She decided to take her daydreaming mind and the love she had for reading and transferred it to pen and paper. She fell in love with urban fiction after reading The Bank Roll Squad series. Towards the ending of December 2016 she began writing her first novel I Get Good Loving From A Youngin. She signed with her first publisher under Talehia Presents in March of 2017. In additional to her debut Release, she has added He Was Her Blessing She Was His Wife and Never Sleep On The One Who Holds You down to her catalog. She also enjoys writing urban short stories. When she's not writing she loves helping peoples, bowling, reading, and spending time with her family and friends. She is just getting started and hopes to one day become a National Bestselling Author.

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The Youngin Who

Stole My Heart

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Never Sleep On The On

Who Holds Your Heart

A Pretty Hustla Gave

Him Love

A Savage Love

She Can't Deny

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"If I waited until I felt like writing, I'd never write at all."

Anne Tyler