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Ashley: Confession



“Hey can I talk to you?” She whispered to him. Trell looked at her like she was a damn fool. He looked around probably trying to see if fat ass was here yet. She thought.

“Ashley what the fuck you doing here,” He muttered as he pulled her behind the concession stand. He looked so good to her, she could've fucked him right there on the ground. 
“I’m here because I need to talk to you. You blocked my cell number months ago.” She walked up to him. 


“Ash you know I don’t fuck wit you no mo,” he stepped backed and said.

“But why baby I love you.” She cried.

“Man get the fuck on Ash for real my wife finna be here any minute now.” That pissed her off. “Fuck that fat ass bitch!” She screamed. 

“Hold your fucking voice down,” he spoke through gritted teeth. 

“Okay I’m sorry I was just coming here to let you meet Maria. He looked at her baby girl for the first time since they showed up. 

“What the fuck you trying to pull Ash?” he asked getting upset but curious. 
Montrell looked down at the beautiful baby girl in Ashley’s arms. She had hazel eyes, a lot of hair and was caramel complexion. The fuck up part was she looked just like him. It couldn’t be. Hell nawl he never nutted in Ashley. 


“What the fuck?” he thought to himself. 

“Meet your baby girl,” She said to him. 

“My baby girl, bitch you delusional,” He spat still kind of confused.

“This is your daughter Montrell,” Ashley yelled out. 

“Bitch how long it been since we fucked? I never even nutted in yo ass,” he yelled mad as ever.


Trell: Trapped

This bitch had him fucked up if she thought he was gone believe he was her baby daddy. Yeah the baby kind of looked like him, but he knew for a fact he never came in her ass. The only person got his seed was Nevaeh motherfuckin Avery, soon to be Givens. That reminded him so he checked his watch. The game wasn’t starting until another hour and a half, but Nevaeh and Kay were coming early. 

“You want to hold her?” this bitch tried to say. 

“Man Ash if you know what’s good for you you’ll get the fuck on somewhere with this shit,” Trell replied finna walk off. 

“Yo wife already knows!” Ashley screamed loudly. What the fuck this bitch just say? He thought in his head. He turned back around facing her. 

“Yeah I saw her and Kay at the mall.” 

“So she already knows.” Ash continued.
His heart literally fell to his feet. The baby Ashley had was about a month old. So if his calculation was right he would have had to sleep with Ashley about 3 months into him and Nevaeh being together. The only problem Trell had with that was he didn’t fuck the bitch. This hoe was trying to set him up. Nevaeh had to know he wouldn’t cheat on her.


 Nevaeh: The Truth

“Ok Nae when we get out please just talk to cuz and let him know what’s going on,” Kay stated trying to convince her not to nut up out here. The nap she just had didn’t do her any justice. Her head was killing her from thinking about the situation she was forced in. Nevaeh just couldn’t believe Montrell cheated on her. 

“I’m cool Kay,” she responded as she hopped out the car. 

“No Nae I know you and you ain’t cool,” she argued jumping out on her side. She took off walking and Kay followed behind. She was looking out to the field and seen Braydon conditioning for the game, but she didn’t see Montrell anywhere. 

“Where the hell is Trell?” She mumbled to herself but Kayla heard her. 

“I don’t know let's go see,” she voiced as she walked off. 

Nevaeh closed her eyes and tried to control her breathing. She felt like she was going to lose it any minute now. Luckily the stadium was so big, so the kids couldn’t hear anything going on. She heard Kay yelling so she hurried and wobbled over to her near the concession stand. 

“Bitch what the fuck I told you earlier?” she yelled out. 

“Kay, what’s up?” She asked rounding the corner.

If looks could kill Montrell ass would be six feet under. She wanted to believe the way he looked at her was love, but all she felt was hurt. She knew the damn pregnancy didn’t have anything to do with her crying right now. She was an emotional person anyway, but now 10x worst.

“Nevaeh baby,” he started walking towards her. She put her hand up and he stopped. 

“What is going on Montrell? “Is it true?” She asked afraid of the answer.


Trell: Not What It Seems

If anybody could take this feeling out of him right now, he probably would give them a million dollars. He was looking at his fiance and couldn’t open his mouth. It was like his voice was trapped because he didn’t know the outcome. She was always so emotional, so the tears coming down her pretty brown skin was fucking him up. He felt his own tears cascading down his face. He never wanted her to hurt again. He was there when she didn’t have anybody. The last thing he wanted to do was put any more hurt in her body. 

“Fuck speak nigga!” He screamed in his head. Trell guessed Kay saw he was stuck so she spoke up for him. 

“Cuz I know that ain’t yo baby,” she said about to make me a bitch out here and start breakdown. At least somebody believed him, because Nevaeh was looking at him like she wanted to kill him. 

“Montrell is it true?” Nevaeh asked him again. This time he spoke with his voice cracking a lil bit, “Bae you know me.” 

“Fuck that is it true!” she yelled out. 

“Bae please the baby!” He screamed with a tear coming out his eyes. He dropped to his knees then wrapped his arms around her waist. “Please don’t stress this shit, it ain’t healthy for the baby.” Trell was hopeful when he felt Nevaeh hug his head, but that was short lived.

“Fuck that Trell don’t tell me what is healthy for my child, just answer the damn question. Everybody except Ashley had tears in their eyes. She stood there with a smug grin, which would soon fall. 

“Nevaeh please think about my lil cuz,” Kay pointed out as she walked over to Nae with tears steady coming down her face. Kayla knew her cousin loved Nevaeh. More than he loved her even.

“Why he can’t answer the question Kay huh!” Nevaeh yelled out. 

“Bitch cause he knows it’s the truth.” Ash blurted out.

“Ashley shut the fuck up; you know good and goddamn well that ain’t my baby.” 

“I haven’t fucked yo hoe ass in a year,” he yelled. She rolled her eyes and adjusted the baby to her other hip. 

“Bitch you lucky you got that baby or I’ll fuck you up, “Kay belted.

“Yeah whatever, Trell what’s up?” she had the nerve to ask me. He ignored her ass and tried to walk up on Nevaeh again. This time she didn’t put her hand up. He wrapped my arms around her round belly. 

“Nevaeh you know I love you right?” Trell began kissing her temple. The tears were still coming down her face. He took his palms and started wiping her face. 

“I know this some left field shit, but that ain’t my baby.” 

“I wouldn’t cheat on you, you gotta believe that.”

“I know what you had to go through.” Trell finished.

“I don’t know Trell the baby looks like you,” she said with sadness in her voice. That shit almost brought me to my knees. 

“Are yawl finish?” Ashley yelled over to us. 

“This bitch!” Kay said about to run over to Ashley, but I grabbed her. She did have a baby in her hands and he did want to get the child tested before Kayla beat her ass.


“Look Ashley I don’t know how you figure the child is mine, but we will find out. My soon to be wife finna have my only seed and I’m sure of that. Ashley looked nervous after he said that, but what the fuck she thought. He must be boo boo the fool or some shit. 

“Whatever Trell unblock my number and I’ll let you know the time and place.” Her slick ass tried saying.

“Nawl I’ll let you know the time and place.” He finished turning back around to face Nevaeh. 

“Let’s go the game finna start; we’ll finish this tonight okay,” praying the lord for her to say yes. “Okay only cause my baby playing, but stay away from me,” she said as she turned and walked away from me. 

“Fuck!” He yelled not even caring who heard him. He had to take care of this shit immediately. Her walking away from him wasn’t a good look.

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