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Pregnant Chronicles



I’m trying to figure out how my life ended up like this. See it all started when I went to my cousin Brittney barbecue. I had just turned 18 and I knew I was the shit. I showed up wearing this Marilyn Monroe off the shoulder dress from Rainbows. I met this fine ass older man named Tyrone. He pulled me in the bathroom and we fucked. Hell, I was young, single, and that quickie gave me life. Somebody knocked on the door and scared me. I ran out the bathroom and left without saying shit to nobody.

"Aye shawty where you running off too," this dude name Zay said pulling me to him. Zay was this fine ass
niggamy brother them be hanging around. I had to stop and see what this nigga was about.

"Swing me yo number and I’ll hit you up later. I gave him my number before leaving and we been rocking ever since. I rolled my eyes after opening the door for amber. 

"Bitch why you bamming on my door like you the police," I said walking back to the couch. It’s my aunt and uncle girl. She thinks he's cheating on her. Damn bitch 
they been married 100 years right. That ain't funny Layla I’m forreal. If I find out Imma beat that bitch ass on sight.



“Zay why am I driving yo big grown ass around?” My dad asked me from the driver seat. I was so mad a nigga could slap a bitch right now let alone drive my damn self. I couldn’t believe this bitch. I should’ve never trusted a bitch who ate Burger King every damn day. That bitch always wanted it her way. We pulled up and I jumped out before my dad could park the car.

Knock knock knock….

“Damn bitch is it beat on Layla's door today.” I laughed. My eyes got wide as Zay wrapped his hand around my neck. 

“Zay what are you doing she pregnant with yo babies,” Amber screamed trying to ply his hand away from my neck. Zay finally let me go and looked at Amber. 

“Why you at this trifling bitch house anyway."

“Why you putting yo hands on me Zay? I’m pregnant with yo kids." 

“Oh, is that right,” Zay stated. Then why I just got the DNA papers and it says only 1 baby mine and the other one related. 

“What? That’s not true only been with you,” I screamed.

“Son is everything alright,” His dad asked walking
in the house. 

“Tyrone,” I asked. Both Amber and Zay asked the same question at the same damn time. 

“How you know my daddy Layla? Zay asked me.

“How you know my uncle Layla? Amber asked.

Tears flowed out my eyes. My voice got caught in my throat. I turned around and flopped down on the sofa. I sat there boohooing trying to figure out how I got pregnant
father and son!!!!!

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