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Montrell: Tough Love


As Montrell pulled out the apartments he could tell Nevaeh was on the verge of breaking down at any moment now. For Nevaeh it was too overwhelming and too much happening all at once. She was glaring out the window reflecting back on her whole life. She felt like she was a pawn in Brandon’s wicked ass game. She had 2 beautiful children to think about. She also had nothing to her name.

How was she and the kids supposed to survive? She felt like a failure to be a grown women who depended on someone else. That moment the water works started up. Nevaeh was boo hooing and everything. Montrell pulled over on the side of the road. He took his keys out then opened his car door to close it right back. They were on Interstate 85 and the cars were showing no mercy.

He was finally able to get out. He walked over to Nevaeh side door and opened it. He pulled her out in the middle of her having a nervous breakdown. He pulled her into his chest and held her for a couple of minutes not saying shit. He felt like she needed this time to break down. After a couple of minutes he said, “Talk to me.” 

“I’m so lost. I feel like a failure to my kids. I am so weak and not worth anybody’s time,” she spoke so low he barely heard her. He tried to speak, but she stopped him again. Montrell please don’t show me pity.

“I don’t want you to feel like you have to come to my rescue, because I just met you,” she cried. 

“Oh my god I just met you and slept with you the first night!” she shouted.


Her fists were hitting his chest with every word. I’m no better than Jasmine hoe ass.”  Montrell let her go on and on for a couple more minutes. He felt like Nevaeh needed some tough love so he snapped. 

“First of all don’t ever let me hear you refer to yourself as a hoe,” he started. If I looked at you like a hoe I would never had brought you to my house let alone spent the night. I don’t know what you take me for baby girl, but I got hoes dying to lay up with me. The night we had was something special. It wasn’t just fucking to me and you should know that. From the moment I laid eyes on you I knew you were different. I know you are a great mother to your kids and I would never show you pity. The only thing I’m going to fault you for is fucking with that weak ass nigga. 

“But you ain’t got shit to worry about aight.” Trell added as lifted her chin up. She started sucking her tears in and wiping her face with the back of her hands. 

“I got you aight,” he grinned as he kissed her lips. 

“Aight, I got you.” Pulling away from her to kiss her again. After a few sweet kisses he stuck his tongue down her throat. She accepted it and they shared a passionate kiss on the side of the highway. Afterwards, they got back into the car and headed back to his house. He barely stayed at his house so he didn’t have any grocery in the house. He ordered them Chinese and they lounge around. Once they ate, they shower then got in the bed naked.

Nevaeh never felt so free in her life. She just wanted him to hold her then tomorrow she would think about her reality. Montrell had something else in mind holding Nevaeh’s naked body. He started kissing her cheek, neck, and then collarbone.

“Ummm,” she moaned. 

He laid her on her back got on top of her then started kissing her lips down to her breasts. He groped her breasts and licked on her harden nipples. She pushed his head into her breast. She let out a soft moan. He lowered himself to his new favorite place. With the tip of his tongue he started from her ankles up to her inner thigh. 

Trell looked up at her and she was biting her lips anticipating what was next. He could see her wetness glistening. He blew a warm breath on her clit then stretched his tongue out to lick up and down once. She was about to lose it. Trell laid between her legs and took her into his mouth. 

“Ahhh babe, yes,” Nevaeh moaned out. Trell latched on to her clit like he was starving.

“Oh my god, no Trell stop please!” Nae begged. He had her swollen clit in his mouth and he wasn’t budging. 
Nevaeh creamed all over his face. While still trying to come down from her high, Trell latched on again. 

“No Trell I mean it Dammit!” she said frustrated. 

Montrell wanted to fuck the frustration out of her. He didn’t want her to think about shit that took place today. Nevaeh had nutted 3 damn times before Trell let her pussy go. She couldn’t move an inch of her body, but Montrell wasn’t done with her ass yet. He got up and got between her legs. It was like his dick was a magnet to her pussy. 

“Goddamn!” He moaned. 

Her pussy was doing something to him. He gave her ass long and deep strokes. He picked up the pace and slid out and went back in. He yanked her to the edge of the bed dick still pumping in and out. 

“Ahhh, Trell baby,” Nevaeh shouted.

“What that bae?” He groaned. 

“I’m finna cum babe!” She yelled squirting like the squirter she was now. 

Trell was right behind her releasing his seeds deep inside of her. Both of them were exhausted and couldn’t move so they would just shower in the morning. It wasn’t shit he wouldn’t do for her. The sooner she realized that the more better they would be.

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