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The Youngin Who Stole My Heart

Married straight out of high school, Nevaeh, better known as Nae, prided herself on being the perfect wife, until the repetitive stress of being his wife and the abuse become overbearing. She dreamed of some excitement in her life, and she gets just that when she pushes herself to a night, she would never forget.

Twenty-five-year-old, Montrell Givens, is the sexy, rich, rude-mouthed youngin’, who lived his life like any ordinary person. Being surrounded by women every day gave him no desire to settle down. When he first lays eyes on the plus-sized beauty, he knew she was different. The moment Nae’s invited to one of his people’s house, he gets a chance he won’t let slip out of his hands.

Kayla is Nevaeh’s friend who is outspoken, has no filter, and tells it like it is. She and Mario have a five year long, on again, off again, situaton. With Mario wanting a family becomes a priority, they suddenly don’t see eye to eye. What happens when a blast from her past shakes things up? Will she entertain what she had before, or will Mario be a thing of the past?

Nae has been done so wrong by Brandon she can’t help but to second guess her mind, body, and soul. The love she has left was only shown to her kids, until she encounters Montrell, who later shows her she too deserves love and more out of life.

Jasmine, Nevaeh’s life-long friend, has had her fair share of male encounters. She is single and loves to mingle. What happens when she has a big secret that will break her best friend’s heart? Will she be willing to change her life for the better or not?

Will Montrell be the one to show Nevaeh what real love is? Or will Brandon fight for what he’s used too?

Will Nevaeh continue to stay with her longtime partner, or will a youngin’ capture her heart in this standalone novel?

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A Pretty Hustla Gave Him Love

Persuasive “Sua” Avery is a beautiful, smart, country girl from Columbus, Georgia. At a young age, she endured so many misfortunes and broken promises, she only trusted one person, her best friend. After confessing their love to one another, their future looked promising. Until pride puts her in a place where she didn’t want to be. Will her first love wait for her, or move on without her?
Southern “South” Holmes was raised to be a provider. More importantly, for the people he loved he would protect their front, back, and side. Growing up in a small city, he had no choice but to get it by any means. As he starts to put himself first, he lands his very own business, South’s Towing & Auto Repair. With South’s life finally looking up, what will he do when secrets from his past starts to resurface? Will a precious life be the reason they reconnect, or will all love be lost for good? Find out in this story of A Pretty Hustla Gave Him Love.

Never Sleep On The One Who Holds You Down
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“May God have mercy on you, because I won't,” was what Angelina “Lina” Rojas, told herself every single day. Being hit with a tragedy shattered her heart at a young age. Moving to the states, was supposed to be a fresh start for her. Growing up, she found herself blaming everyone, but the right one. After moving in with her Aunt Carla and Uncle Aaron, she tried being a normal teenager, but her mocha tan complexion, long curly hair, and exotic features, caused her to stand out from others.

When chaos breaks out at school, she unexpectedly figures out a job her uncle had been hiding. There was no stopping her, and with the help of her uncle, she was be a force to be reckoned with. After several attempts, her Aunt Carla unwillingly gives her the information she desperately needed. Now at twenty-one, the sweet savage, and bold Angelina, has one thing on her mind, and that’s to find out who's responsible. One clue that is given to her is to seek out one of the biggest bosses in Atlanta, GA.

Stephen “Sleep” Harris, was well known in many places, but especially in his hometown, Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up, he never said more than a few words. Losing his dad to the game, made him ruthless. Losing his mom shortly after, turned his heart cold. Being forced to commit his first crime at a young age, and living with his Uncle Kane, gave him no choice but join the family business. Now, being older, and wiser, he learned to live life, but take no prisoners.

At the age of twenty-nine, Sleep left Ced, his right hand, in control. That gave him more time to focus on his many successful businesses. Deep in the game, the only code he knew was FRL (Family, Respect, and Loyalty). He was determined to stand tall, even when bodies begin to fall, and people’s loyalty was tested. One night, he meets this exotic goddess he can't seem to stop thinking about. In time, the bond they form was unbreakable.

Will Angelina stick to her plan and find her parents’ killer? Or will she fall off her game, when love runs deep? What's going to happen when Sleep finds out someone broke the code? The question is, who’s gonna hold you down in this story full of chaos, drama, jealousy, and greed?

Shorty Fell Hard For
My Love

After leaving her hometown and going to college, Shanta’s main goal was to focus on school and school only, until her brother throws her a going away party. A brief encounter with a stranger changes her livelihood and forces her home sooner than she thinks. Not knowing what she’d gotten herself into, she vowed to give her daughter what she deserved, and that was a two-parent household, no matter what. 
Reggie had always been loyal to his longtime girlfriend, Tina. If only she could give him the one thing, he’s always wanted. He never dreamed of stepping out on the woman he loved, but the quickie he endured, put him right where he never wanted to be, in the middle of two women.
Zane the young and sexy, irresistible, New Orleans native, comes to a new town in hopes to start over. He gets a job and enrolls in school, with hopes to better himself. The only problem is, his live-in girlfriend, Amber, didn’t get the memo. He was content in what they had together until he crossed paths with Shanta. With Tae, it was like love at first sight. Wanting to embark on his feelings, he put her exactly where she didn’t want to be. The fact that she kept fighting it made him wanna go harder and he will stop at nothing to show her just how she’s supposed to be treated.
Shorty Fell Hard for My Love will take you on a rollercoaster. Will Shanta go against the odds and risk it all for the love she has for Zane? Or will she stick it out with Reggie, who had her heart first? Will Zane regret taking a chance on Tae, or will it be his biggest decision yet?

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