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Part Eleven


I sat there for a second trying to gain some kind of strength. Zane picked me up and carried to the massive bedroom. He turned me around and slammed his full lips onto mine. He turned around and walked backward and landed on the king-sized bed, which positioned me right on his lap. My body was lit and feenin’ for more, so I attacked his mouth full force.


“You cool?” he asked as he pulled back. My body was on fire. It yearned for him, and nobody but him could cool me off right about now.


“This is wrong Zane. This is so wrong,” I confessed, ignoring my body completely.


“You know like I know I’m with Reggie.”


“Fuck that,” he cut off my rant.


“Shorty, that nigga in love with another bitch.” I looked away not wanting to agree with what I already knew was true.


“Ugh, I have to go. I can’t do this.”


“But why you haven’t let me go yet?” No words were exchanged after that. I face forward before he picked me up without any hesitation. He pressed forward and attacked my lips once again. This time the kiss lasted longer and was much more intense. I wrapped my arms around his neck.


“Mmmmm,” I moaned as he began to suck on my neck. Lord, I wished I would’ve cut my phone back off. By the ringtone that was playing, I knew it was Reggie calling me. Zane flipped me onto my back, leaving him on top of me. I couldn’t believe my phone had rung three times back to back, but then again I could.




“Shhh,” he whispered onto my lips. I felt him grabbing his dick and running it up and down my wet slit. Why was I so nervous? He slid his hard dick inside me, and that was it. I knew he felt how wet I was.


“Fuccckkk,” he grunted as I squeezed my pussy walls to lock what dick he had already put in me. He wasn’t even all the in. What the fuck was I thinking fucking with him?


“Let go, babe,” he moaned in his New Orleans accent I loved.


I felt my juices steadily dripping from that alone. After a quick kiss on the lips, I loosened up and allowed him to push forward and entered me some more. After coaching his dick to adjust, he began fucking me faster and faster. I tried to muffle my moans, but his stroke game was unbearable. I couldn’t help it. The way he started out slow and picked up the pace at the right moment had me finna lose it. I tried not to give in and scream, but it was a fail.


“Ahhh Zane... fuck... Don’t stop,” I repeated over and over. He remained stroking me faster and faster.


“Shit, Tae.”


“Oh, my God,” I screamed, locking my arms around his neck. My heartbeat sped up, we were both sweating and wet. Before long, I felt pressure releasing from my body as I squirted all over him and the sheets underneath me. Zane held onto me until he couldn’t hold it any longer. He barely pulled out of me before spilling all his kids onto my stomach.

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