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Part Five


The last couple of months had been going great for me. My birthday was coming up and I had my daughter and my man to spend it with. I recently started school, but only signed up for three classes.

“Excuse me beautiful do you have a pen I could borrow? A dude asked behind me. I always minded my own business, so I really didn’t know anybody in the class. I said yes then reached in my laptop bag to grab one. Turning around to give him the pen I was at a lost of words. He was fine as hell. He was sitting down, so I couldn’t tell how tall he was, but I knew he was taller than 5’5”, my height. He was caramel complected with big brown eyes and neatly twisted dreads. He started licking his full lips, so he knew he looked good. 

“Oh I’ sorry, here you go,” I said quickly turning around in my seat. I was so embarrassed for staring. Oh my god, oh my god,” I repeated in my head. I was nervous as fuck and I knew he was looking directly at me. 

“I’m Zane by the well,” he let me know.

“Oh, I’m Shanta,” I replied without looking. The class was over thirty minutes later and I damn near ran outta there. 

“Aye hold up lil mama,” I heard behind me. I didn’t wanna stop, but damn.

“You forgot yo pen. Thanks for letting me use it.”

“Oh, no problem. I have to go.” I responded turning around, but got grabbed at the same time.

“I ain’t seen you around here before,” he mentioned.

“Oh well, I’m from here, but just moved back,” I say.

“Oh okay, you gotta man?” I hesitated. I didn’t know why, but I did.

“Yeah, I got somebody.” I manage to get out.

“Somebody huh.” He grinned.

“Yeah, I gotta go,” I said walking off again.

“Aye lemme get yo number,” He called out now walking right beside me.

“Ummm I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why not? You got somebody and I got somebody, so shidddd ion see the problem.”

“The only time I call might be on some school shit anyway. Didn’t he say we had to pick groups,” He finished. I was now at Reggie’s Fiesta. He was letting me use it until I got my Nissan out the shop. We did have to pick groups, so what the hell. I thought.

“(706)888-1234,” I blurted out just before getting in the car and backing out. 

“I hope like hell this doesn’t bite me in the ass,” We all I could think about heading home.


After Royal had fallen asleep I laid her down on her bed. Staring at her from the door made me wondered how could I made someone so perfect. The few months I’ve spent with her felt unreal. From her curly black hair, light brown eyes, round cute face, and chubby cheeks down to her perfect little feet, she was beautiful. More importantly, she was mine and I wouldn’t trade her for nothing in the world. Closing the door and walking back towards the living room I could see the headlights of my car. I missed Tae something serious. The shit was really blowing me how fast time went by. It had been awhile since I seen or heard from Tina. I guess the four years we were together meant shit to her. But that was neither here nor there. I was gon make this family thing with Tae and Royal work. 

“Oh hey baby,” She spoke soon as I opened the door for her. Tae was gorgeous as hell. I definitely see where Royal gone get her looks from. She stood there smiling showing a perfect set of teeth. Her face was bare, with just some lip gloss. Her long hair was up in a messy bun and she was wearing this sexy ass two piece half shirt and skirt. 

“Reggie baby, why you staring like that?”

“Just admiring how beautiful you are.”

“Oh, you see something you like.”

“Hell yeah and I’m finna show you just how much,” I expressed grabbing her purse and her laptop bag and laying it on the floor. I pull her in the house closing the door then pulled her skirt down in one swift motion. Grabbing her by her waist I pecked her soft lips a few times. After a while we were on the wall kissing and fondling with each other. I went from her lips to her neck and then her stomach. 

“Ummm babe,” she moaned just from my touch. Coming up I pulled her top off leaving only her black lace bra. After hooking my arms underneath her thigh I picked her up and positioned that fat juicy pussy right in front of me. The fact that she was bald with only a lil peach fuzz had my dick hard ass fuck. 

“Yesss daddy, just like that,” She moaned as my tongue went to work on her shit. I tried to spell This Reggie’s Pussy a million times. I started sucking and licking her pussy lips like I was hungry and she was the entree. 

“Aye girl stop fucking moving. You gone make the shit worse,” I told her smacking her on the thigh hard as hell. 

“Babe stop, I cant take it,” That was it. I took my tongue and licked her from the tip of her clit all the way to her booty hole. Yeah I was eating the ass too. This shit between us had no limits. After a few minutes I could feel her legs shaking and her grip behind my head get tighter. She was close and I was ready to taste all her juices. 

“Aww I’m finna cum,” She yelled cumming all in my mouth. I licked her ass clean then lower her to her feet only for her to fall, but I caught her. I had wore her out, so I carried her into the bedroom. Soon as I came back with a warm rag she was knocked out sleep. After she was clean I sat there staring at her. Yeah no matter what this where I wanted to be. I loved this girl and no body was gone change that shit. It was me, her, and Royal from this point on….

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