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Part Four


It’s been about four months since me and Reggie been broken up. I tried to rack my mind a million times wondering what that bitch Tae had that I didn’t. That night Reggie burst through the door and found out my secret left me devastated. I’d been using every bit of seven months and had been doing a good job hiding it from him. I mean I went to work every day and came home regular time. I just had a habit I couldn’t shake and it was all Brandon no good ass fault. 

Speaking of him, at this very moment I was getting dressed ready to pop up on his ass. I had been calling him for two weeks straight and he still hasn’t returned any of my calls. For two weeks I’ve been trying to occupy my time. Trying not to think about my stash running low, but the time has come. I needed to re-up and fast. The only people who knew about me using was Brandon and Reggie. Reggie was damn sure out the question, so I had made my choice. I glanced one last time at myself in the mirror and I was looking damn good.

I was wearing a tight short black dress, red heels, and a bad ass blonde lace front wig I let the girl at the beauty supply store hook up for me. I needed something to shake quick and fast. I grabbed my clutch and cell phone before walking out the door. Soon as I pulled up to Brandon’s house I saw a small Honda parked next to his black Camaro. 

“What the fuck?” I mumbled stopping in the middle of the road, staring into space. It was well after 10 o’clock at night, so I wonder who it was. It wasn’t until a car blowing their horn at me snapped me outta it. 

“Okay okay mutherfucker, I’m moving,” I screamed praying Brandon didn’t hear it. Soon as I parked I hopped out and ran to his front door. I started bamming hard as hell. 

“Open the fucking door right now Brandon!” I yelled repeatedly. After five more bangs, the door swung open with Brandon looking at like a madman. He was clearly high as fuck, which pissed me off even more and he only had on some boxer briefs.

“What the fuck you doing here Tina?” He asked grabbing his dick. I couldn’t focus on him doing it because I was big mad. This nigga has been getting high without me. The fuck was I saying. The shit really had me out here bad. 

“You asking meee, what the fuck am I doing here?” I repeated pointing a finger at my chest. I was flabbergasted. I have been calling you for two weeks. What the fuck you mean what am I doing here?”

“Bae I’m waiting,” I heard somebody sang in the background. A bitch who voice I recognized first hand. I looked behind me to get a better look at the car again and I couldn’t believe it. How could I miss it before? 

“What is she doing here?”I asked on the verge of tears. She was standing behind him naked, so I knew this wasn’t a coincidence. 

“Nawl the question is, what are you doing here? What happened to yo man you didn’t tell me you had. How did he know about Reggie? I wondered. Then it all came to me. This bitch planned this all along. 

“Look it’s a long story, but were no longer together.” Can I just talk to you for a second? I pleaded.

“Not unless you fucking.”

“What?” I questioned. Don’t get me wrong me and Brandon had fucked plenty of times, but I needed to know what he meant. 

“I mean fucking. You came for some candy right?” He grinned pulling out a small bag full of white powder and held it up to my face. My mouth started watering as the tears cascaded down my face. Weighing my options, I snatched the bag out his hand and dipped one fingernail inside. Bringing the nail up to my nose and sniffing the first time burned a lil, but the few times after felt like heaven. Brandon grabbed my hand and led me into the house. 

“Brandon I can’t do this. Please just give it to me so I can go,” I cried. 

“I will afterward.”Soon as we got in the bedroom I saw her sniff a line on the dresser. Oh my god this wasn’t happening. 

“Strip her,” He told her. She walked over to where I was and pulled both of my arm straps down my shoulder. The smile on her face hurt me the most. I tried to contain the tears and the juices flowing down my leg. She left kisses down my neck, my breasts, and down my stomach until my dress was completely off. I hadn’t worn any panties, so I was completely naked with the exception of my heels. Brandon was laid back on the bed jacking his dick watching us the whole time. 

“Bring yall ass over here,” He said next. She went first getting on the bed with him. Walking over to the dresser I sniffed the next line and the one after that. I was gone need it to get passed this night. When I turned around she was riding his face and he was enjoying it. I walked over and hopped on his hard dick that was standing at attention. His dick, the moaning, the kissing, and the caressing took away the fact I was having a threesome with my supposed to be man and my best friend Selena...

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