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Part Nine


“No what the fuck you doing here.”I shouted clearing confused as to why he was here and not at work.

“I can explain, but first why you here with Morgan?” He asked me in return.

“Um what’s good Thomas?” Zane spoke to Reggie looking at me with a questionable look.”

“Who the fuck is Morgan?” I said to myself. I was so confused, but when he called Reggie by his last name I knew they had to work together.

“Um Tae you good,” Zane ignored Reggie and walk up to me and asked.

“I’m good. I’m so sorry about this. Can I call you later to check on Liyah?”

“Yeah, do that.” was all he said before walking off and heading back to the kids unit.

“Oh, this the lil skank you left my daughter for, ”The same old ass lady said next to him. I snapped my head around wondering who the fuck she was talking about. She was wearing a velour jogging suit and the makeup on her face looked casket ready.

“Aye Ms.B you way outta line,” Reggie blurted. I was still confused.


Even though this lady was yelling and cursing me out I still couldn’t get what Reggie had just said out of my mind. “I would always have love for Tina,” so that right there let me know she was here somewhere and Reggie was with her.

“Tae, Tae, do you hear me,” I finally snapped outta my thought hearing him screaming my name.

“I heard you say you’ll always love her.”

“Man no I didn’t Tae.”

“Don’t play me. I’m not stupid.”

“Fuck all that. What’s going on with you and Morgan?”

“Me and Zane have nothing going on. His daughter was sick. That’s why we were here.”

“Oh ok, so my bitch the one this nigga been checkin for.”

“Yo bitch!”

“You know I didn’t mean that.” He said pulling my arm.

“Excuse me, family of Ms. Tina Morris,” the doctor walked up and asked.

“Yes I’m her family,” The lady who I assumed was her mother spoke.


“Ok Ms. Morris is a lot better and so is the baby,” He mentioned.


“Thank you, Jesus. The grandbaby I dreamed about.was.”


“What?” Reggie questioned.


“Let me get outta here cause yo bitch is who you need to be seeing.” Snatching away from him I took off down the hall and out the exit door. Once I got outside I realized that I rode with Zane and didn’t have my car.


“Tae hold up!” Looking behind me I saw Reggie power walking my way, so I took off on feet. I ignored the horn blows and when I got further down the road I pulled out my phone and called for a city cab. Soon as I got in I let him know where I was going. I couldn’t believe Reggie. Who would’ve thought. I needed to breathe.


“Breathe Tae, Breathe,” I repeated in my head.


We pulled up to the daycare in no time. I paid the driver, got out, and ran inside and signed Royal out. I knew the first place Reggie would go would be the daycare. 
“Hey mama.”

“Hey baby. Hey grandma’s baby,” she spoke to Royal while grabbing her out my arms. I sat her bag down before flopping down on the couch.

“Ummm what the hell did I miss. Are you alright?”

“Oh nothing.I’m good. Just glad you keeping her this weekend.”

“Is it Reggie? Damn, I was beginning to like him.”

“Mama please. Me and Reggie are fine,” I lied.

“You a lie and the trust ain’t in ya.”

After playing with Royal a lil bit, I left. I was so glad my mama didn’t press me too much about me and Reggie. I was an emotional wreck. Soon as I pulled out my mama driveway the tears fell effortlessly. After pulling into this random parking lot, I rolled me a blunt and pulled out my phone. I was childless and had nowhere to go.

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