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Part Six



It’s been a few weeks since I asked Shanta for her number. I still haven’t called her yet, but the few times I bumped into her after class, she had an excuse not to talk to a nigga. That was odd cause I never had to chase after no broad, but Tae was different and I knew it. Part of the reason I’d been chilling was because of Amber. Really and truly the only person keeping us together was my two-year-old daughter Aaliyah. 

“Daddyyyy,” I heard her scream soon as I walked through the door. 

“Hey daddy baby. You been good today?” I asked picking her up then swinging her over my head. Let me know something.

“Yes, but mama being mean to me,” she responded with her lip poked out.

“How she being mean?” I asked shifting her from my left hip to my right. 

“She told me I couldn’t play,” she signed. 

“What you did?” I was starting to get tired of Amber’s shit. 

“She yelled be quiet, she trying to sleep.”

“Alrighty baby girl go to your room and play. I’ll be down there in a second. Aye and don’t change Ken yet that’s my job.” I laughed referring to her black baby alive doll that looked like a boy. 

I was pissed, but didn’t wanna show it in front of Liyah. Amber saying she needed sleep was bullshit. I took classes at CSU Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays mornings. After I leave there I go to work and I’m normally at home by 7:30 pm or 8 give a take the traffic. Aaliyah is normally at daycare from 8 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon. If it was up to Amber Liyah wouldn’t even make it to daycare. I rather her be there though than at home. I would drop her off in the morning time.

All Amber had to do was pick her up. How could somebody need sleep if 90% of their day was sitting at home doing shit? Was what I wanted to know? It was now going on 8, so that means Liyah only been here for about an hour in a half. I looked around the living room and it was dirty as hell. Not to mention the weed roaches was all over the coffee table. Don’t get me wrong I got high too, but she knew what time baby girl got home and still didn’t give a fuck. I walked in the kitchen and it was no better. Dirty dishes in the sink and no food on the stove, so it looked like I was cooking again tonight. 

“Get yo ass up Amber!” Isemi yelled, so Liyah wouldn’t here me. Even though her room was all the way on the opposite end of the house. 

“Ohhey baby. What time is it?” She asked rolling over butt ass naked. 

“Time to get yo ass up. Fuck you doing naked anyway?”

“I was waitingon you…Zane damn.” 

“Shhhhh.” I turned around and walked into our walk-in closet hoping she didn’t catch the mug evident on my face. 

Amber lying on the bed naked did not move me. Didn’t even make my dick jump.Yeah somebody on the outside looking in would’ve sworn she was a dime piece. Hell, I did when I first met her, so I’m speaking facts. We both were from New Orleans. I had a cousin who stayed out here in Georgia, so I decided I was gone move up here and bring Amber and Aaliyah with me. Amber was somebody I grew up with. We did the whole fuck buddy thing, but after I found out she was having my kid I made it exclusive.

Anyway, a nigga like me can tell you first hand looks can be deceiving. Amber was 5’8” in height, cocoa skin tone, she had big ass titties, a big ole ass, and a body to die for. She didn’t even work out, but her toned body beg to differ. She kept her hair did in sew ins of some type, which I funded. She rocked whatever the fuck she wanted to wear on account of me too, but when you get past the looks though you’ll only see a lazy ass, disrespectful and rude ass, stankin ass 19 year old girl. 

“Aye why you toldliyah she couldn’t play,” I spoke from the closet.

“Why is that girl always lying? Now you know I didn’t tell that girl that babe.” She lied getting off the bed. I knew it was a lie. Her eyes never even met mine and every time I was about to get on that ass she got ghost. I watched her go in her drawer, get some panties out then a shirt, then a skirt that came mid-knee. All without bathing her ass. 

“You ain’t gone get in the shower?” I asked disgustedly. This was like the norm for Amber. If I didn’t make her take a bath, she would never do it. Probably why I haven’t touched her in months.

“Oh I ain’t going nowhere, but ride to the store with Bri.” 
I walked outta the room, but not before shaking my head. Amber was pitiful. I never met this Bri character. The only thing I knew about her was that her and Amber used to work together at some temp service job for about a month. I didn’t bother asking her anything else. It was always going to the store, but then she would come home late as fuck. 

“Where you at Liyah?” I said walking into her room.

“Right here, daddy. I’m just trying to find Ken a shirt.”

“Liyah you tripping girl. He can’t wear pink.” I laughed grabbing a black t-shirt. Yeah you can say I had 1 foot in and 1 foot out, but if it wasn’t for my daughter I would’ve been gone. 


When I pulled up to the Precious Angels it was going on 6:15 in the afternoon. If it was me I would’ve been here way earlier. Reggie had started picking her up, but he had to work overtime today. It was last minute, but I still manage to throw on a fitted white tee, some fitted blue Adidas joggers, and some all white Adidas. Royal was only 7 months, so she was still in the baby room. I power walked inside and talked to the attendant for a minute. While I was signing Royal out she dropped her tiny baby doll she loved on the floor. 

“Here you go Royal, you dropped your baby,” I heard Aaliyah say behind me. Royal loved herself some Liyah and me too. She pretty and sweet lil girl. Majority of the time she would be in the baby room holding and playing with Royal like she was a baby doll. I was not expecting to see the person standing next to her though.

“Oh thank you Liyah baby,” I say grabbing it from her. I was trying my best not to look in his direction, but he had to break the silence I guess. 

“Oh, I didn’t know Royal cute lil self was yo baby.”

“Thank you and yes she is. Say hi Royal.” I smiled.

“You have a beautiful smile you know that,” Zane flirted with me. 

“Thank you.Well, we have to go.” I tried to ease my way out. I had been doing that for the last week or so. For some reason every time he was near me I could feel the nervousness creep in. 

“Liyah we was just about to go get ice cream right. How about Ms. Shanta and Royal join us.” He said looking down at a smiling Liyah.

“Yesss please daddy can Royal come too.”

“Liyah you gotta listen. I said royal the first time.” He tickled her and said. 

“Well thank you but I don’t know. I really do have to go.” I tried again.

“Pleaseeeee, just one minute.” Liyah smiled widely showing her two top missing teeth. I couldn’t say no to her, so I agreed. 


I walked in the house holding a sleepy Aaliyah. All the lights were off, so I walked to baby girl room and laid her down. 

“Daddy where Royal at?” She asked in a sleepy tone.

“She gone Liyah,” I replied patting her back to sleep. 

After hearing her low snores I walked out the room and into mine. No sight of Amber anywhere. I probably would’ve called her if I didn’t have Tae on the mental. I went into the cabinet and grab me a bottle of that Pineapple Ciroc. I rolled me a blunt of that loud and sat my ass right on the floor. I ain’t gon lie today had been one of the best days I’d had in a long time. I could tell Shanta genuine cared for Liyah. Liyah loved Royal like she was her own sister. The way she was hugging Tae though really surprised me. The fact that she never even hugged her own mama like that was shocking. Yeah I guess that one foot in was slowly stepping out. I had to have Tae. No matter what I had to do. I wasn't taking no for an option. I could tell she was feeling a nigga too though. Yeah her nigga had to see bout me real soon.

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