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Part Two


“WTF you mean she’s mines!” I yelled rushing her ass into the corner. 

“You heard me, she’s yours.” How you want me to say it, in Spanish or French!” She said rolling her eyes. 
This girl had me fucked up. We fucked over a year and a half ago and this bitch didn’t think to let me know I had a kid in the world. I been trying to get Tina ass pregnant for the longest and shit still wasn’t happening. Now this bitch keeping one away from me. I was about 2 second from showing her ass how the fuck I was feeling, but the baby started crying again and Tina was still bamming on the door. My mind was all fucked up.


“Stop yo bitch from bamming on my door,” she fussed. I mugged her ass then walked out the room. I wasn’t dealing with Tina right now, I had something more important on my mind.

“Where are you going Reggie,” She yelled following me. I don’t want you seeing her. I stopped walking and looked at her face full of tears. 


I stood in front of Reggie with only my bra and panties. Who knew my secret was gone come out like this. I knew he thought my tears were fake, but that was the furthest from the truth. Yeah I left Columbus. When I found out I was pregnant I knew I had fucked up. When my brother told me Reggie had a girl, I dipped out. First year in college and pregnant was hell. When I had my daughter Royal I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. I already knew what people was gone say, I was the side bitch. Columbus was too damn small for these noisy ass hoes not too, but fuck that. If they wanted me to turn the fuck up, I would. This nigga fucked me knowing he had a whole bitch out there, so why I gotta be the bad one. 

“I just want you to handle yo business first then we can talk about Royal.

“Royal huh,” he repeated smiling



“Open this fucking door!” I screamed over and over. My voice was beginning to be hoarse. I should’ve known last night this was that niggas car. I looked to my left and saw Selena, Shay, and Tae walking down the sidewalk coming to me. 

“Tina girl why the hell you beating on Tae door like the police.” 

“So this is a bitch house?” I said nodding my head.

“Selena get yo girl before we fuck her up,” Shay jumped bad and said.

"Fuck who up, not me." 

"If you keep knocking on my cousin door like that, it's gonna be a fucking problem. 

“So it's yo cousin who fucking my nigga.

“Bitch I would've said something if I didn't see you fucking Brandon last night.” 


“What!” I yelled slamming tae door behind me. I know I didn't hear Shay right. I been knowing Shay and her cousin Bri since we were little kids, but I didn’t know that hoe Selena was some kin to them. All they asses looked at me like I was the monster out this bitch. All I had on was a pair of ball shorts, a pair of black socks with no shirt.
“Reggie baby what’s going on. Whose house is this?” Tina cried running up on me. I snatched away leaving her looking at me funny. 


“Fuck all that. Who you fucked last night?”

“It was a mistake baby I swear. I had too much to drink. I’m sorry. This bitch was coo coo for coco puffs. I know what the fuck I did was wrong, but for this bitch to go out all of a sudden and fuck a whole nigga, nah that shit was suspect as hell. 

“You fucking sad yo. Get the fuck outta my personal space.”

“Everything good bae,” Tae said opening up the door.

“Bitch you fucking my nigga and calling him bae. What you think?” Tina yelled walking up on an unbothered tae. I pushed tae back in the house and stood in front of her. I wasn’t finna let her touch tae. She ain’t do shit wrong. This was all on me.

“You know what fuck this and fuck you, Reggie.” Nah that’s what you was doing with another nigga last night,” I screamed to her back.


Yeah, I been fucking Brandon for about six months now. I met him right after I had my last abortion. That made 3 in total. Reggie didn’t know about any of them. I felt like it was too early in my career and he only worked at the paper mill. I met Brandon at the hospital and it was love at first sight. He was a soon to be doctor and that shit turned me on. Now I remember the bitch. The little skank was playing on my phone, sending naked pictures and shit. That was it. I wasn't gonna let him play me like that. I walked over to the edge of the street and picked up a brick.

“Tina put that shit down now,” I ain’t fucking with you,” Reggie yelled jumping off the porch.

“Try me, motherfucker, you big and bad.” He took another step and I threw the whole brick inside the passenger window and tried to run.


Soon as Tina tried to run, I grabbed her ass by the neck and squeezed tight as I could. I saw my boy Jimmy and Wayne running over to me. Before I knew I had blacked out, but I did hear tae say she was too young for this shit and went back in the house. 

“Aye nigga let go, let go Reg man,” Jimmy yelled grabbing my arm. I let go and she dropped to the ground.
I left everybody outside and walked back in the house. Soon as I closed the door, tae slapped the fuck outta me. 


“Yo, what the fuck.”

“That was for fucking me the first time.” Man all these bitches crazy as fuck.

“You know what Reggie, just go back out there to yo bitch. I’m too young and fly to be fucking with you anyways,” She rolled her eyes and walked back into the bedroom. Before I met my baby I had to make this shit real clear. I walked into the back room and saw her sitting on the bed with her phone in her hands.

“Let me find a real nigga who can handle all this,” she smiled running her hands up and down her body. I jumped on the bed scaring the shit outta her.

“Imma say this shit one time and one time only, You Are Mines and if you think another nigga gone be around my baby I’ll kill you. Do you understand? Huh 
She shook her head up and down as I got off the bed. Now come and introduce me to my kid you forgot to tell me about.

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