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Shorty Fell Hard


For My Love

Reggie: Part One

Today I got a text from Shanta, my boy Jimmy 19-year-old sister, telling me she wanted to me and shit. I wasn't gon pay her lil ass no mind at first, but I had to get some shit off my chest. I had met her about a see year and a half ago at Jimmy’s get together. She was real quiet like and innocent at the same time. She was also ten years younger than me, but one thing led to another and we ended up fucking. Turned out the bitch was really on some psycho shit. She started playing on my phone. Then on top of that her and my girl Tina had some words a awhile back. Everything was all good up until Tae moved back in town a few months ago and the shit started back. This shit really been fucking with me, got my girl worried and shit. Thinking imma mess up again and fuck with the bitch.

I looked at my clock and it was already 10 at night. If I left now, I could beat Tina back home. I thought. She was going out with her homegirl tonight, so I decided to go end this shit once and for all. I hopped in my black ford fiesta and headed to her house. I pulled up paranoid as hell checking my surroundings. Shanta stayed a few houses down from my partna and them. If any of they bitches saw me it was over. I walked up to the door and started knocking. She answered showing a set of straight teeth.

“Hey zaddy,” she said holding the door wide open. 

“Stop the bullshit tae and tell me what you wanted.” I brushed past her and sat down on the sectional in the living room. Her crib was laid out nicely. I ain't gon lie, to be only 19 Tae did have her shit together. 

“I swear you full of shit Reggie.” she spat still holding the door. I finally looked up and saw what she was wearing. She had on a burgundy silk robe and I could’ve bet money she was naked underneath. I hopped up and met her at the door. This was a setup and I wasn't falling for it. 

“So you gon up and leave...just like that.” she cried. See this the shit I was talking about. This crying shit had a nigga soft as hell. She had this cute ass dimple on her right cheek and I could tell she kept that ass tight all the way around. I stood there for a minute weighing my options. I could leave, I probably should leave, but what would that solve. 

“Just smoke a blunt with me. I know your girl gone and all.”

“And how you know that?” I asked

“Cause you wouldn't be here.”

“Humph, you swear you know me, right,” I smirked, at the fact she was telling the truth.   She been trying to get me here for a month straight, but Tina been on me hard. I haven't smoke shit all day. So one blunt wasn't hurtin.




I haven't been out in so long. My best friend Selena talked me into going tonight. It was late as hell and we haven't even left yet. I was definitely shutting shit down tonight. I had on a low cut, tight black dress. I was a nurse, so I rarely wore heels. Selena made me wear some on tonight tho. We pulled up to Club Shakers at 1 am. It was me, Selena, her cousin Shay, and they other cousin Bri. Shay and Bri were real cute, they just opted to wear tennis shoes tonight instead of heels. We all got out the car and waited in line. The girl in front of me showed her id then headed inside. Shay was next, so she started fondling with her wallet. 

“Oh my god yall, my id is in my other purse,” she yelled. 

“Damn Shay I told you to grab all yo shit,” Selena fussed.

“We can go back and get it. I literally stay around the street,” she said with attitude. Everybody was cool with it, so we all hopped back in the Tahoe. Shay was right she did stay right around the street. We lived on the north side, so I wasn't familiar with the south side at all. We pulled up to her house and I saw a car that looked just like Reggie’s car. I knew it wasn't him, I’d been talking to him all day. I pulled out my phone debating if I should call him or not. It was going on 1:30 am in the morning. We had been doing good lately, so I didn't wanna accuse him over a coincidence.

“Hey baby, did I wake you?” I said when he picked up.

“Nawl just up watching TV, what’s that?” he asked

“Oh nothing, this dumb ass girl name Shay left her id at home, so we came back to get it.” 

“Damn, that’s fucked up. I thought yall would’ve been there by now.”

“I know it may sound crazy, but I thought I seen yo car parked couple house down.” Hello... Reggie...Are you still there?” I asked.

“Yeah, yeah I’m here baby. I dropped the phone on mistake, but shidd what you was saying now.”

“I said I thought I saw yo car, but I was like you at home. It couldn't been yo car.” I said just when everybody started getting back in the car.

“Hell nah, it’s a couple of them bitches in the city. I’m at the crib tho.” 

“Okay baby, we finna head back out. I’ll see you later on.”

“Aight. Don't be having too much fun. Make me come jack one of them niggas up.”

“You are so crazy. I know how to behave.”

“Reggie bye, let my girl have some fun

damn.” Selena yelled so that he could hear her.

“Alright, I see your guard dog with you. Let me go.” 

“Bye baby.”


“Shit I’m finna go. That was too close.” I say more to myself than to Tae. I don't even think she heard me. She kept walking to the back for some reason. We had smoked three blunts back to back and a nigga was fucked up. My eyes were red and low. I don't even think I could drive like this, but I was finna find out. No way in hell I was staying here. 

“So you finally off the phone,” tae say straddling my lap. The shit kind of caught me off guard, but I came to my senses. 

“Man watch out, you know I ain’t fucking with you like that.” I throw her off me, but she was aggressive. I only had on a pair of ball shorts and a white tee. Her hand went inside my shorts and he woke up immediately. I found myself having a battle with my mind and dick. My dick won after feeling her wet, warm mouth around my man’s. After I nutted down her throat, I picked her up and headed to the back. She kicked the door open and I threw her on the bed. I close and

locked the door. I don't know why I locked it. We was the only one here, but that shit from earlier had me shooked. She opened her robe and I saw that perfectly shaved pussy with a lil peach fuzz glistening already. I dived in and we fucked the whole night. 

Buzz… buzz


6am alarm went off and scared the shit outta me. I looked around and wondered where the fuck I was at. The spot I was in was still wet, my nuts was sticky as hell, and I looked behind me and saw Tae naked ass knocked the fuck out.

“Shit,” I blurted out. Jumping out the bed the first thing I grab is my phone. I got 50 missed calls from Tina, 22 text messages, and 10 from an unknown number. Somebody was bamming on the door and I heard a baby crying in the other room. 

“Tae wake yo ass up man!” people bamming at yo door like the police and a baby crying. I screamed. She rolled over and all I saw was them perky titties. 

“Reggie I know yo ass in there. Open this fucking door right fucking now,” I heard Tina loud and fucking clear. 

“How yo bitch know where I stay?” she spat.

“I don't know, but please stop that baby from crying.” I said leaning over with my head in my hand. 

“You stop her, she’s yours.” I looked up at her like my life couldn't get any worse than this.

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